At Kemco Tire and Auto in Palm Beach Gardens, we pride our business on exceptional customer service because we want to give you exactly what you want and need.

General Cars

In an ideal world, our vehicles would always be running in perfect working order. However, car maintenance is inevitable, and there are times when it’s necessary to bring your car in for repair. At Kemco Tire and Auto, we want you to bring your car into our shop for all its repair needs. Keeping your car maintained with us is less costly for you in the long run, and we are happy to keep your vehicle running smoothly.

Customized Cars

Our automotive services provide customized work to those who want a unique car out on the road. We offer the capabilities of building you a hot rod from start to finish, or we can add customized accessories and functions to your vehicle. If we don’t have a particular product or service to customize your car to your liking, we are happy to send your vehicle out to someone who can.

Classic Cars

Do you drive a classic car? If so, don’t just go to any old place to get your car serviced. Come to Kemco Tire & Auto. Not every auto repair shop has the correct parts for your vehicle or the knowledge to correctly service it because classic cars are very different than regular cars we see driving around on a daily basis. We love working on old cars, and it is one of our specialties.